WoW private servers

With the steady decline of Blizzards good will towards their greatest game I think it’s fair to look towards other people to manage and regulate the WoW experience. There’s plenty WoW private servers out there and it seems to me it’s high time someone went over the basics of playing on one, since your experience will probably be a lot better and most importantly smoother if you know what you’re getting yourself into.

The best way to go about it seems like going over a few common questions about what playing on a private server is all about, then to recommend a few servers I find particularly enjoyable.

Are WoW private servers legal ?
Short answer, yes they are. For a long answer you have to be particular. Blizzard doesn’t allow you to download the server software part of the game but they say nothing about playing on servers not run by them, likely to avoid having to add exceptions if they ever lease that part to other companies. So to sum it up, yes you can play on a WoW private server as long as you don’t run the server as well.

Is it possible to get banned from Blizzards servers for playing on a private servers ?
Technically yes, as Blizzard can ban you at their discretion, however it’s actually very hard for blizzard to find out who’s playing on a given private server and most importantly to link you with an account on their servers. So unless you go about announcing that you’re playing WoW on a private server on blizzards servers or forums you should be fine.

Why go through all the trouble if you can just play on Blizzards servers ?
Well, that’s the rub. There’s plenty of reasons, you might be banned on blizzards servers or you might be interested in playing a previous patch, you might not want to pay for their service since you found it lacking … reasons could be as many as there are players, however most people think that Blizzard isn’t doing a very good job with WoW anymore, so they don’t feel like supporting them anymore.

What kinds of WoW private servers are there ?
Well to be honest, there are quite a few different ways to answer this one. The obvious distinction is the one Blizzard uses, there are PvE, PvP and Rp servers and mixes of them. Most servers also group themselves depending on the patch they’re running, mostly going off the expansion, for example you might have servers dedicated to the current patch, but mostly they’re running TBC, classic or Wotlk since players prefer these quite a bit.

Are WoW private servers free ?
Yes and no. It honestly depends on the server. Most of the WoW private servers are free to play on, however they might offer a real money in-game shop letting you get an advantage in game for real money. This might range from conveniences such as instant max level characters and certain cosmetic items or they might offer full gear and even custom equipment letting you get and edge in PvP.

As far as finding a server that’s going to work for your playstyle it’s all about matching your wants with what’s available. To do that you’re going to want to find a wow servers list, which is a neat compilation of servers and their particulars so you can at a glance find the ones that are interesting to you. I can recommend the With this information you should be able to play for free on a WoW private server without fear.

Classic priest leveling guide

I’ve started playing leveling my first alt on classic, since it’s been a while since i last leveled a char to 60 i think it’s fitting i go over a few ideas and tips. The only reason i haven’t been leveling my toons while testing for BC is that i’ve been doing most of my testing on private servers, if you’d like to do the same i can recommend this wow private server list since it’s where i found the server i currently play on. Now let’s move on to the guide.

Priest is mostly easy to level since most of it’s class features lend pretty well for extended fighting what with it’s healing. The pros are :
– You don’t have to carry food around, since you can just heal yourself.
– You will generally have a spot on most raids since healers are under represented in most servers.
– People will generally want to group with you even outside of raids.
– Priest is one of the few classes with a generally high skill floor and a very high skill ceiling.
– It’s pvp potential is up there with warlocks(depending on spec).
– Leveling is made even easier with wand talents.
– You get a nice weapon for both healing and damage specs off a class quest.

With the only downside being that you’re usually forced to play healer in raids since shadow priests are generally phased out in favor of mages and/or warlocks.

Choosing your race

There’s no question about best races for late game. The best alliance race is dwarf since their Fear Ward just out classes any other racial priest ability hands down. The second one by a few miles is human, since their racial ability gives them additional spirit which makes leveling even easier, however priests generally shouldn’t have any problems on that front.
For the horde there’s actually a couple of legitimate choices. While i recommend undead since their racial will of the forsaken is useful in every part of the game, and argument could be made for troll since their racial ability Berserking let’s them gain faster spellcasting which translates to more DPS or HPS depending on your spec. I still favor undead for my horde priests however.

General tips

– Use the wand. This one is pretty self explanatory, when you hit level 10, mosey on over to your nearest weapon master and get a wand skill and a wand. This will not only probably increase your actual dps but it will do so without costing you any mana. I also advise to putting your talent points
6-10 into Wand specialization, which nets you an easy 15% damage increase with wands, which is very noticable.
– While on the topic of talents the best talent for leveling an unassuming Spirit tap in the first row of shadow tree. It basically doubles your spirit for 15 seconds, while also allowing you to regenerate half your usual rate of mana while casting, which may not seem like a lot but at 5 points in it, it basically lets you farm mobs with no down time at all.
– Going off the previous tip you should obviously put priority on spirit on your gear, since Spirit Tap pretty much doubles it, it’s literally one of the most insane talents in the game, while seeming quite unassuming.
– The downside is that you will probably want to respec after hitting 60 since with this spec you will pretty much be specced for leveling.

Gear priority

AS mentioned earlier i advise you to get a wand as soon as you can. To do so i think getting enchanting is a pretty good idea for priests, since you can make your own. Greater Magic Wand which you can make yourself and start using should hold you over till level 27 when you can get the Gravestone Scepter from a BFD quest which is quite nice and should hold you over till about 46. After that just prioritize Spirit > Intelect > Stamina.

These are my general tips for priest leveling. However if you’d like to check out endgame specs without having to level your alt i can wholeheartedly recommend trying them out on a private server.

Classic items, still useful in BC ?

I’ve been playing a lot of BC currently and i found there are a lot of items from classic still relevant in BC.

The obvious choices are still the Free action and Living action potions. Not much of a surprise here, they are still as amazing in burning crusade as they were in classic, letting you ignore stuns and snares is good no matter the mode, though they are unusable in arena which probably made more than half the classes let out a big sigh of relief. They are even made a bit better since they cant be dispelled or stolen.

The next item on the list is the mage trinket Mind quickening gem which in classic quickens your cast speed by a third for 20 seconds. Obviously this is one of the best trinkets in classic but it also holds up pretty well in BC, however the stat change in BC does hurt it a little as going from 33% to 330 haste isn’t quite the same. Still this one is worth picking up if you can get your hands on one, while farming BWL.

Now for the healers, i’d recommend picking up the scarab brooch which drops in AQ and it applies a shield when you heal someone equal to a percentage of the amount healed, its probably one of the best in slot trinkets for healers in general, since it basically increases their healing by 15%. Obviously however, this is one of the items that’s gonna be contested pretty highly since every healer basically wants one.

Next up i’d like to talk about he darkmoon cards, specifically the Blue dragon one. It gives you a small chance to regenerate mana while spellcasting on a cast. Now this is obviously a raid favorite as it lets healers stay topped up on mana while they’re healing which is generally the only problem for healers.
The other one is here just for the memes, its the Twisting nether one which gives you 10% to resurrect when you die. While it’s not competitive in any way, it can be used in arena, however it does mean you have to sacrifice the benefit of a different trinket which might let you win the fight that this one revives you from.

These are the obvious items that i’d keep my eye and try to hoard up for BC as they’re likely to be in high demand, however their prices might fall a bit as there are obviously going to be other comparable options.

Vanilla Wow private servers

With the release of Shadowlands being delayed I found myself looking to the past. I thought about when I started playing WoW in vanilla. Although it wasn’t the most balanced experience I found there were still tonnes of fun to be had, even if I wasn’t playing in the most optimal way and following the guides to the letter. So with that in mind i started looking for a private server, since the blizzard ones aren’t exactly known for being friendly. I quickly stumbled upon where i found a few servers i checked out before settling on a blizz-like vanilla server with a pretty friendly community. While i know that the population on the server doesn’t compare to the blizzard ones, this brings with it problems and also opportunities, such as farming the black lotuses for the raid consumables. There are also plenty of servers with friendly people willing to help you start the game and teach you about it as opposed to the retail ones where people aren’t playing the social game anymore, but just a online RPG.

So without going too long, im gonna sign off and go prep for my next session, however if youd like try out a few servers at this list and im sure youll find a server thats right for you.

WoW Alchemy Guide

I’m not going to lie to you, there are a lot of materials you are going to want to buy to complete this guide.

Since patch 2.4 was implemented you can now train up to Artisan Alchemy at any trainer available. To get your skill past 300 you will need to see the Master Alchemy Trainer that is located in each factions appropriate starting city for the Burning Crusade in Hellfire Peninsula, Honor Hold and Thrallmar.

Apprentice Alchemy

This is the easiest step for leveling your alchemy. This will get your alchemy to 60 and you’ll end up with a lot of minor healing potions to give alts or use incase of an emergency. Psyche!! Keep these potions because they will be used to make lesser healing potions.

Journeyman Alchemy

Oh joy!! More healing potions, I hope you have a lot of alts or low level friends. You’ll be making Lesser Healing Potions for 50 levels and then Healing Potions for 30 more levels. Make sure you stock up on Briarthorn because that is the main component of each recipe.

Expert Alchemy

This is the first part of the guide where you will start making less of each item while you’re increasing your skills. From 140-210 you’re going to be making three different items. Ensure you buy enough Stranglekelp, Mage Royal, Liferoot, and Gold thorn. You will get to make something other than just healing potions in this step…mana potions!!! YAY!! You’ll also get to make elixir of agility, these can sell decently on the auction house.

Artisan Alchemy

Artisan AlchemyArtisan alchemy will require you to make 6 different items to go from 210-300. This is where it can get expensive and sometimes intense. This step is oftentimes more expensive then going from 300-360 because the supplies are less available due to the lack of pre 60’s farming them. Sungrass is your friend and will be used in 3 different parts. I recommend checking the auction house for these supplies while you are leveling up from 1-210.

Master Alchemy

Now that your 300, it’s time to max your Alchemy to 375 and get your money out of it. The first three items you will be making require a lot of Felweed, so stock up in anyway you can. Alchemy is one of the easier crafting professions to level to 375, others required hard to get reagents for the most readily available recipes, but the availability was increased through patch 2.4.

The Major Dreamless Sleep Motion can be purchased at Allerian Stronghold from Leeli Longhaggle if you are alliance or at Thunderlord Stronghold from Daga Ramba if you are Horde.

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game

This is a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Review. If you are looking for ways to make gold please see Valkors Gold Guide. If you are looking for a World of Warcraft leveling guide from 1-70 please see either Horde 1-70 Guide or Alliance 1-70 Guide. Other profession and class guides can be found at Killer Guides.

The World of Warcraft has just grown a little bigger from the trading card’s section. The TCG (Trading Card Game) market seems to be a place where many hot commodities try to get more exposure for there product. Most of these trading card games feel like they were thrown together at the last minute just to make a buck. The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, however, is a truly enjoyable gaming experience.

There was a lot of spin leading up to the release of these trading cards, and I was excited to pick up my first box of trading cards the day it came out. I tried to order a starter trading card deck online about a week before they went on sale, but much to my chagrin they were sold out everywhere that I looked. So after work on release day I drove to one of the local game shops to pick up a couple of the starters for about $20 a piece. I read the trading card rules and the next day I played a quick card game during lunch with one of my coworkers. I was less than enthused with the card game but I decided that Since I had already sunk $40 bucks into the card game I would give it another go. Later that evening I found myself at my friends house and we were looking for a game to play. I pulled the World of Warcraft trading cards out of it’s spiffy boxes and we sat down and played a couple card games. I soon realized that I had missed a few things and with that fixed I found the game to be enjoyable.

That weekend my friend and I went to the release tournament at a different local game shop, and had a great time. And they were selling starters for $15 instead of $20 so I bought some more. Now having sunk more than 75 into the game I sat down and built a decent (not spectacular) deck, and I will probably continue to play this game for a while.

I’ve played Magic: the Gathering now for over half a decade, and there are similarities between this product and the WOW tcg. I do not consider this a bad thing. The mechanics seem familiar but are executed in a different but interesting manner. I will not quit playing magic for WOW, but I feel like I can easily play this game on the side. The game supports both Constructed
(you build your deck ahead of time and play it) and Limited (You are given a certain amount of cards to build a deck right before play begins) formats. This is an important factor in tcgs because limited formats give new players the kind tournament were you dont have to have spent a lot of money in past to compete.

The game play with this game is good but Blizzard and Upper Deck went above and beyond with awesome artwork and very good packaging. The one thing that I keep hearing is that the starters come in a very nice box. The box will easily hold two 60 card decks (although mine currently holds 1 deck and lots of dice). I can whole heartedly say that this is the best new card game that I have played in the last 5 years (and there have been a lot of them).

World of Warcraft ZulGurub Exploit

A World of Warcraft picture guide to Instanced Zones

This is a World of Warcraft ZulGurub Exploit overview. If you are looking for ways to make gold please see Valkors Gold Guide. If you are looking for a World of Warcraft leveling guide from 1-70 please see either Horde 1-70 Guide or Alliance 1-70 Guide. Other profession and class guides can be found at Killer Guides.

Zulgurub is one of the easiest and most rewarding of my exploring pieces, which has infinite possibilities. This Zulgurub piece will show you how to exit ZulGurub without leaving the instance, you will be very surpirsed about some of the things you may find. =-)

To start out you first need to invite a friend to join your party then convert it to a raid group so you can enter ZulGurub.
Upon zoning into ZulGurub run down just the first flight of steps, then do a 180 degree turn so you are facing the instance entrance. From there run to the corner on your left formed between the Stone entrance way and the cliff.

If you have used all of my other exploit pieces your jumping skills should be well honed by now, because you are about to use them again. Procede to jump up the corner. It may be difficult but again it is possible. Keep jumping until you reach a stone ledge. Once on the ledge position yourself again in the left corner formed between the stone and the cliff.

If done correctly you will find youself ontop of the entrance of ZulGurub, now you can just jump down and the world is yours to explore!

Congratulations You Made It!!!!!!

This ZulGurub guide will help you explore the zone without having to be in a raiding guild. You can leisurely walk around Zulgurub and see all it has to offer. It is an art of its own to get the jumping skills to perform this exploit, but to explore a raid instance is worth it. Enjoy your time in ZulGurub!

World of Warcraft Stormwind Exploit

This is a World of Warcraft Stormwind Exploit Guide. If you are looking for ways to make gold please see Valkors Gold Guide. If you are looking for a World of Warcraft leveling guide from 1-70 please see either Horde 1-70 Guide or Alliance 1-70 Guide. Other profession and class guides can be found at Killer Guides.

A World of Warcraft picture guide to under Stormwind and inside officers lounge or underneath Stormwind.

To get under Stormwind or into the officer’s lounge you must first go to the gryphon aviary. From there jump very slowly and carefully down to the ledge beneath.

Once you are on the lower ledge face towards the wall then run towards your right. You will get to the edge of the castle wall and the hill it goes into. Once there you will be able to jump up along this corner. This is very tricky and nearly impossible, but read below for a tip!

NOTE* It may seem very difficult or even impossible your first time, but I can assure you it can be done and becomes much easier with practice. Once you get up 5 or 6 jumps you will come to a halfway ledge so you do not have to start over again if you fall.

You can clearly see the frustration and endurance it can take to work this exploit. If you are patient enough you can take screenshots, make your own video, and brag to all of your friends!

From there it becomes very easy and is just a matter of jumping the rest of the way to the top.

Now after you have taken your time to take in the sights and celebrate, turn towards the city, and jump onto the ledge. Once you get on the ledge you see a lot of unfinished textures and whatnot. Don’t be scared it just looks like Everquest graphics after every patch they break the game with! Now you have a choice. Officers Lounge or Under Stormwind, or just go afk and let your character sit there.

Officers Lounge Trick

If you decide to go to officers lounge face straight forward and use some sort of slowfall device, such as parachute cloak, noggenfogger, or mages slowfall. If you don’t have slowfall you could end up dying. Then running jump straight ahead. You will fall for about 5 seconds then land inside the Lounge or fall to your death if you don’t have a slowfall device of some sort.

Congratulations you made it!!!!

Under Stormwind Trick

If you want to visit underneath Stormwind do NOT use any slow fall and the carefully drop onto the ledge below you or end up like the guy in the video above. At this point its up to you where you go but here are a couple of good screenshots.

Old Ironforge

This is a World of Warcraft Ironforge Exploit Guide. If you are looking for ways to make gold please see Valkors Gold Guide. If you are looking for a World of Warcraft leveling guide from 1-70 please see either Horde 1-70 Guide or Alliance 1-70 Guide. Other profession and class guides can be found at Killer Guides.

Old IronForge is one of the coolest zones, and many alliance walk over the top of it everyday and do not realize it! Well you are about to be enlightened to this very enjoyable trick. You can then show off your uber l33tness in Ironforge to your friends.

The first thing you need to do is to go to Ironforge and go by the Great Forge facing the throne room. Then head to your left and find the corner between the city wall and the Throne Room wall.

Once you are there you will first need to find a mage friend to help you out. Any mage lvl 8 or higher will do. You and your new found mage friend will then jump up the previously mentioned cornor until you get up to the top. Once you are both ontop you are now able to select the duel command. Engage him in a duel then jump down. and go inside the throne room and put your back against the left door. Once you are positioned have the mage sheep you.

This part may take awhile and some timing, you either need to hope the poly wears off while you are on the far side of the door, or have the mage aoe when you are on the far side.

If done correctly you will find you self in the tunnels leading to Old IronForge.

Congratulations You Made It!!!!!!

Here is just a glimpse of what you will find!

Couldn’t get it to work? Me either the first time, but eventually I got it. Watch the video below to see!

World of Warcraft Tier 4 Armor Sets

This is a World of Warcraft Tier 4 Armor Set overview. If you are looking for ways to make gold please see Valkors Gold Guide. If you are looking for a World of Warcraft leveling guide from 1-70 please see either Horde 1-70 Guide or Alliance 1-70 Guide. Other profession and class guides can be found at Killer Guides.

This page is packed with images and we cannot apologize if you are on dial-up because this is the 21st century and dial-up is no longer supported anymore. If sites were designed to be dial-up friendly technology would not have advanced as far as it did. Please see your local or cable provider to switch from DSL or at least get satellite.

Tier 4 armor will be a 5 piece level 70 set that you will find in the burning crusade. It is comprised of a head, shoulder, chest, gloves, and leg pieces. Tier 4 will function most like tier 2.5, where you get item drops from bosses which you turn in to get your gear at Shattrath, but wait there’s more! Many classes have multiple sets of tier 4 armor, for example there is a set of healing tier 4 armor for a priest and a set of dps armor for the priest! Wait! There’s more yet, 3 pieces of the 5 piece set will have sockets

Head: 2 sockets , and a socket bonus with stats pertaining to your class

Shoulder: 2 sockets, and a socket bonus with stats pertaining to your class

Chest: 3 sockets, and a socket bonus with stats pertaining to your class

Tier 4 armor will be the newest armor to obtain. While there will still be Tier 5 or 6 for those hardcore gamers who have nothing better to do. Unlike Tier 1-3 armor this has some special slots added in for socketing. Tier 4, 5, and 6 will redefine how well a piece of armor can actually become. Please see the images below of Tier 4 armor. We do not have any photos or stat information available for Tier 5 or 6 at this time.

Also Note Set Bonuses have not been released yet


Warrior Tier 4 Armor

This is a World of Warcraft Tier 4 Armor Set overview. If you are looking for ways to make gold please see Valkors Gold Guide. If you are looking for a World of Warcraft leveling guide from 1-70 please see either Horde 1-70 Guide or Alliance 1-70 Guide. Other profession and class guides can be found at Killer Guides.