Vanilla Wow private servers

With the release of Shadowlands being delayed I found myself looking to the past. I thought about when I started playing WoW in vanilla. Although it wasn’t the most balanced experience I found there were still tonnes of fun to be had, even if I wasn’t playing in the most optimal way and following the guides to the letter. So with that in mind i started looking for a private server, since the blizzard ones aren’t exactly known for being friendly. I quickly stumbled upon where i found a few servers i checked out before settling on a blizz-like vanilla server with a pretty friendly community. While i know that the population on the server doesn’t compare to the blizzard ones, this brings with it problems and also opportunities, such as farming the black lotuses for the raid consumables. There are also plenty of servers with friendly people willing to help you start the game and teach you about it as opposed to the retail ones where people aren’t playing the social game anymore, but just a online RPG.

So without going too long, im gonna sign off and go prep for my next session, however if youd like try out a few servers at this list and im sure youll find a server thats right for you.