Shaman Talent Guide


Shaman Talent Guide

Here is an overview of what talents to use as you level your Shaman along with some level 70 talent builds. The best guide to playing a Shaman I've found is at Killer Guides. You can always make your Shaman better by getting a lot of gold and buying the best gear, to do that I strongly recommend using Valkor's Gold Guide for farming massive amounts of gold.

- Overview
- Leveling a Shaman
- Level 70 Talent Builds


Shamans are similar to Mages because they are also a master of the elements. The Shaman uses totems and spells to enhance themselves and allies and to weaken enemies in the area. They are able to wield a weapon and a shield, a two-handed weapon, or dual wield if they are setup correctly. Shamans who focus on strength and melee weapons are capable of dealing a significant amount of melee damage in combination with their totems and enhancements. They can also heal their allies, resurrect the dead, and launch bolts of lightning at their enemies causing them to beg for mercy. If geared properly they can be a main healer for a group, a main tank, or dps class.

Leveling a Shaman

If you really want to blaze through the levels check out either Brian Kopp's 1-70 Guide (Alliance) or Joana's 1-70 Guide (Horde)

Shamans are allowed to wear chain armor, which means they can take a decent amount of damage. One of the best ways to level a Shaman is to use a two-handed weapon and beat down enemies with it. Later on, the Shaman will be able to dual wield and can enhance its melee abilities to create a very consistent and significant amount of damage per second. If magic is preferred, the Shaman can use a variety of lightning spells in conjunction with its totems to kill enemies at a decent pace. A Shaman that can make use of its totems will find it quite easy to level in harder areas of the game.

Totem Addict

Totems can be a very effective way to level. The downside is if the Shaman is caught off guard the totems will not be up making the Shaman a very vulnerable target. Use the talents below as a guideline to get started and then start putting points into the totem enhancing skills that are working the best, it will be dependant on play style and personal preference.

Melee Shaman

One of the most often overlooked ways to level is by using a melee weapon to damage enemies with the Shaman. There are just too many talents that enhance the Shamans melee abilities that it can even out damage some of the other dps melee classes, depending on their setup. Even so, the Melee Shaman should not be overlooked.

Level 70 Talent Builds

Group/Raid PVE 0/42/19

This is the best build available for enhancing a group and/or raid while maintaining the ability to heal efficiently.
This build will also leave room for soloing if desired but is more focused on grouping and raiding.

Ultimate PvP Build – 25/36/0

This build features shortened cool downs for instant cast spells as well as melee abilities. With this build the Shaman
will be able to output a lot of damage in a very short time frame.