WoW private servers

With the steady decline of Blizzards good will towards their greatest game I think it’s fair to look towards other people to manage and regulate the WoW experience. There’s plenty WoW private servers out there and it seems to me it’s high time someone went over the basics of playing on one, since your experience

Classic priest leveling guide

I’ve started playing leveling my first alt on classic, since it’s been a while since i last leveled a char to 60 i think it’s fitting i go over a few ideas and tips. The only reason i haven’t been leveling my toons while testing for BC is that i’ve been doing most of my

Classic items, still useful in BC ?

I’ve been playing a lot of BC currently and i found there are a lot of items from classic still relevant in BC. The obvious choices are still the Free action and Living action potions. Not much of a surprise here, they are still as amazing in burning crusade as they were in classic, letting

Vanilla Wow private servers

With the release of Shadowlands being delayed I found myself looking to the past. I thought about when I started playing WoW in vanilla. Although it wasn’t the most balanced experience I found there were still tonnes of fun to be had, even if I wasn’t playing in the most optimal way and following the