World of Warcraft Battleground: Eye of the Storm


World of Warcraft Battleground: Eye of the Storm

This is a World of Warcraft Battleground Guide. If you are looking for ways to make gold please see Valkors Gold Guide. If you are looking for a World of Warcraft leveling guide from 1-70 please see either Horde 1-70 Guide or Alliance 1-70 Guide. Other profession and class guides can be found at Killer Guides.

The new Burning Crusade Battleground: Eye of the Storm was opened in yesterday's patch. You start the battleground on a team of 15 trapped in some crazy netherbubble of omg I can't get out and wait the traditional 2 minutes before the bubble collapses and releases you. Here is what the battleground landscape looks like when you start:

Immediately both factions race to any of four nodes including: Fel Reaver Ruins (bottom left), the Blood Elf Tower (bottom right), the Draenei Ruins (top right) and the Mage Tower (top left). The capturing system is time based opposed to flag based like the Eastern Plaguelands Towers. For every second you own a node you earn 2 points towards a goal of 2000.

A battleground flag is located in the middle of the map and can be picked up and brought to any of the nodes that you control for 75 battleground bonus points. When the flag is returned to a node points are tallied and the battleground flag respawns in the center of the battleground map. First team to 2000 wins.

The strategy and tactics to win involve controlling two nodes and the path from the flag spawn to one of your nodes. See you in the Outlands!