World of Warcraft Stormwind Exploit


World of Warcraft Stormwind Exploit

This is a World of Warcraft Stormwind Exploit Guide. If you are looking for ways to make gold please see Valkors Gold Guide. If you are looking for a World of Warcraft leveling guide from 1-70 please see either Horde 1-70 Guide or Alliance 1-70 Guide. Other profession and class guides can be found at Killer Guides.

A World of Warcraft picture guide to under Stormwind and inside officers lounge or underneath Stormwind.

To get under Stormwind or into the officer's lounge you must first go to the gryphon aviary. From there jump very slowly and carefully down to the ledge beneath.

Once you are on the lower ledge face towards the wall then run towards your right. You will get to the edge of the castle wall and the hill it goes into. Once there you will be able to jump up along this corner. This is very tricky and nearly impossible, but read below for a tip!

NOTE* It may seem very difficult or even impossible your first time, but I can assure you it can be done and becomes much easier with practice. Once you get up 5 or 6 jumps you will come to a halfway ledge so you do not have to start over again if you fall.

You can clearly see the frustration and endurance it can take to work this exploit. If you are patient enough you can take screenshots, make your own video, and brag to all of your friends!

From there it becomes very easy and is just a matter of jumping the rest of the way to the top.

Now after you have taken your time to take in the sights and celebrate, turn towards the city, and jump onto the ledge. Once you get on the ledge you see a lot of unfinished textures and whatnot. Don't be scared it just looks like Everquest graphics after every patch they break the game with! Now you have a choice. Officers Lounge or Under Stormwind, or just go afk and let your character sit there.

Officers Lounge Trick

If you decide to go to officers lounge face straight forward and use some sort of slowfall device, such as parachute cloak, noggenfogger, or mages slowfall. If you don't have slowfall you could end up dying. Then running jump straight ahead. You will fall for about 5 seconds then land inside the Lounge or fall to your death if you don't have a slowfall device of some sort.

Congratulations you made it!!!!

Under Stormwind Trick

If you want to visit underneath Stormwind do NOT use any slow fall and the carefully drop onto the ledge below you or end up like the guy in the video above. At this point its up to you where you go but here are a couple of good screenshots.