World of Warcraft Trading Card Game


World of Warcraft Trading Card Game

This is a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Review. If you are looking for ways to make gold please see Valkors Gold Guide. If you are looking for a World of Warcraft leveling guide from 1-70 please see either Horde 1-70 Guide or Alliance 1-70 Guide. Other profession and class guides can be found at Killer Guides.

The World of Warcraft has just grown a little bigger from the trading card's section. The TCG (Trading Card Game) market seems to be a place where many hot commodities try to get more exposure for there product. Most of these trading card games feel like they were thrown together at the last minute just to make a buck. The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, however, is a truly enjoyable gaming experience.

There was a lot of spin leading up to the release of these trading cards, and I was excited to pick up my first box of trading cards the day it came out. I tried to order a starter trading card deck online about a week before they went on sale, but much to my chagrin they were sold out everywhere that I looked. So after work on release day I drove to one of the local game shops to pick up a couple of the starters for about $20 a piece. I read the trading card rules and the next day I played a quick card game during lunch with one of my coworkers. I was less than enthused with the card game but I decided that Since I had already sunk $40 bucks into the card game I would give it another go. Later that evening I found myself at my friends house and we were looking for a game to play. I pulled the World of Warcraft trading cards out of it's spiffy boxes and we sat down and played a couple card games. I soon realized that I had missed a few things and with that fixed I found the game to be enjoyable.

That weekend my friend and I went to the release tournament at a different local game shop, and had a great time. And they were selling starters for $15 instead of $20 so I bought some more. Now having sunk more than 75 into the game I sat down and built a decent (not spectacular) deck, and I will probably continue to play this game for a while.

I've played Magic: the Gathering now for over half a decade, and there are similarities between this product and the WOW tcg. I do not consider this a bad thing. The mechanics seem familiar but are executed in a different but interesting manner. I will not quit playing magic for WOW, but I feel like I can easily play this game on the side. The game supports both Constructed
(you build your deck ahead of time and play it) and Limited (You are given a certain amount of cards to build a deck right before play begins) formats. This is an important factor in tcgs because limited formats give new players the kind tournament were you dont have to have spent a lot of money in past to compete.

The game play with this game is good but Blizzard and Upper Deck went above and beyond with awesome artwork and very good packaging. The one thing that I keep hearing is that the starters come in a very nice box. The box will easily hold two 60 card decks (although mine currently holds 1 deck and lots of dice). I can whole heartedly say that this is the best new card game that I have played in the last 5 years (and there have been a lot of them).